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In last years, Nghe An provincial Children sponsoring fund received assistance and help with tén million Vietnamese dóng financed by domestic and international organizations which bring about brighter and happier futures for poor and disabled children of Nghe An province.

However, Nghe An province is still a poor and difficult region in which consequences from war and annually natural diseases are still very serious. Presently, there are nearly 30 thousand children with very difficult circumstance, including: 13,560 orphans, 164 left children, 232 wandering children, 200 violated children, 1600 dioxin poisoning children, 13,323 various defected children (in wich thera are nearly 4 thousand disabled surgery) and other thousand who living in difficult conditions. Besides, annually average arising defected children occupies 6.5% against number of newborn children in year (increasing about 2,600/year)
These kids need….
* Love?
* Magic?
* Practical contributions?
Nghe An provincial Children sponsoring fund mobilizes and calls for help:
1. Surgery program:
Cardiac Surgery: 30 50 million VND/shift
Hare-lip and palatognathous surgery and postoperative physiotherapy: 2,5 4 million VND/shift
Locomotor Surgery and physiotherapy: 3 5 million VND/shift
Deltoi fibrosis Surgery and physiotherapy: 1,5 2,5 million VND/shift
Eye Surgery: 1,5 2 million VND/shift
2. Allocating wheelchairs for disabled children: 1,5 2,5 million VND/ wheelchairs
3. Granting scholarship: 1 million VND/child/year
4. Constructing house of gratitude: 30 50 million VND/ house
5. Constructing concentration pff pre-school and nursery classes: 300 million 1 billion VND/ concentration.
6. Constructing rehabilitation center children assistance facility: 1 5 million VND/house
7. Vocational training class for difficult children: 30 50 million VND/class/30 children
8. Constructing place of entertainment: 30 50 million VND/work
9. Constructing works of clean water: 30 50 million VND/work
10. Training early detection and intervention for disabled and autism children: 15 20 million VND/class
All contribution sent to:
Nghe An province Children sponsoring Fund
Address: 117 – Le Hong Phong stress – Ving city
Tel: 0383 5000018; Fax: 0383 830522
A/C No: 510.10.00.002075.9
Opened at: Nghe An Bank for Investment and Development
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